Friday, June 3, 2011

28 weeks & Baby Reed

Well we have reached the third trimester mark! Time is flying! And it is June 3rd... already hitting a sticky hot of 100 degrees outside. Wow. This week has been eventful. We got another sonogram (most likely our last) and were able to see what Reed is up to. He was moving all over the place, of course, and looked amazing. They went through all the major organs and everything looked great. I am not an expert at looking at sonograms by no means, but if they point something out I can usually see it. For instance, the amazing 4-chambered heart beating away, corpus callosum, spine, lips, nose, feet, etc. When the doctor got to the pulmonary artery she kept going on and on about how "beautiful" it was! Haha... I could not see this pulmonary artery nor would I even be able to tell whether it was beautiful or not, but I liked to hear her say that. She even brought in a Medical yr2 student and another nurse JUST to show them this "beautiful" pulmonary artery. :)

We also were able to see Reed in 3D or 4D- not sure which it was... That was the best part! Luckily he cooperated with us and let us see his face for a little bit. He is way way down in the pelvis so the top of his head was shadowed and we could not tell if he had hair. I am SURE that he does not b-c Wes and I were both somewhat bald at birth- and if the old heartburn myth has any truth to it then he definitely is bald because I have had VERY LITTLE heartburn and I am a big spicy food eater ;)

We got to see him making sucking motions with his mouth- how amazing it is not only to see them in 3D or 4D, but that it is like a live video feed where you can see them move!? He even yawned for us one time. Of course, he was also punching and kicking his limbs all over the place. Not to mention how cute the little guy is! ;) Haha I instantly recognized this and now could just stare at those sonogram pictures all day. I am in "big trouble," Wes says. I just can't wait to cuddle and kiss him all over. This boy will be ruined by me... oh well :)From what I can tell, so far he looks like Wes to me?!

He is already 2lbs. and 12oz. (about 5 oz. more than my pregnancy books say he should be). He is in the higher end of the 50th-90th percentile in growth patterns and when seeing this the nurse said "He's gonna be a chunky one." Haha. Oh great and little ole me :] I am so glad he is healthy and strong though! Definitely strong! His 'little' kicks and punches are beginning to "hurt" and startle me they are so powerful. I am pretty sure I have a bruised rib and it has been hurting for a few weeks now.. really bad. It worsens with more activity and reaching/turning certain ways. But Dr. Bean is aware and it is not affecting my breathing. It does however hurt when I am laughing, which makes it difficult and quite painful to live with Wes ;)
I now have gained about 20 pounds. My waist size is now 33.5 inches.
*Picture of "the bump" coming later on today*

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