Friday, September 10, 2010

Tailgate for two? Yes, Please.

Wes was super excited to use the grill so we decided to stay at home, grill BBQ chicken, and watch the Bulldogs play!! The Chicken was marinated in a special Italian dsg. made from scratch then covered with a dry seasoning and settled for at least 2 hours. The BBQ sauce was homemade (a recipe that I got from my Neely's cookbook) and it was fine. Towards the end of grilling the chicken was brushed in some of the BBQ sauce. Yum! Wes also grilled some fresh corn on the cob. This was the best, yet simple meal that I have had in a long time. Usually chicken on the grill tends to get dry easily, but this was still juicy. And a little extra sauce on the side= Perfect. :) With a meal like this it was still a good night even though we didn't win the ballgame.

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