Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicken & Spinach Alfredo Pizza!

Yummy! This was super easy (with my pizza dough and chicken shortcut) Pilsbury now makes a pizza dough in a can... just like their biscuits and crescent rolls.. all you have to do is roll it out! We have used it several times before to make homemade pizzas and it is GOOD. Wes said we should never buy frozen pizza again.. hah.

Anyways, the alfredo sauce was homemade. I guess that was the only difficult part, but if you have never made alfredo sauce, don't be scared... it's easy. You just need butter, heavy whipping cream, and flour. You have to add salt and pepper to taste so be careful not to get too much or too little, but that gets easier with practice :) This recipe called for some garlic and crushed red pepper added in the cream sauce. Once that is done, just spread it out on the pizza dough. Then put about a handful (or however much you want) of baby spinach. After that, you can add the chicken.... I did not go to trouble cutting up and making my own chicken... I am all about what is easiest. I bought one of those rotisserrie chickens from Kroger, deboned it, and added that to the pizza.

I bought a whole tomato and sliced it up to put on with the chicken and spinach. The recipe called for cherry tomatoes.. the change was just my preference. Then, of course, add mozzerella cheese!

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  1. This is a Neely recipe. It can be found on type "chicken alfredo pizza" in the search box.