Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nothing to see yet, but you have all been asking for it....

So here it is:

I can tell that I am thicker and feel pudgier in the belly, but this picture does not really look the way I feel! Haha. I have been keeping up with my waist size. Started out at 27.5 and this week I am 28.5!
We have made it to 15 weeks! WHEW... finally getting past the constant nausea, and looking forward to actually enjoying the pregnancy. This past weekend we did a little spring cleaning and emptied out the guest room. Sorry, friends, for now there is no longer a guest room. It was refreshing to get that out of the way and I was able to put my new rocker/glider together. Which I got on SALE at Target and it looks great- very comfortable!

Spring break weekend (at least Wes still gets a spring break) we are going to stay with friends in Starkville and hopefully are going to purchase a crib at Woodland Furniture. Of course I am new to this baby thing and have absolutely no idea what I am looking for?!

We had a checkup with the doctor yesterday. Baby's heartbeat was 140bpm and it sounded great :) We did the blood test to check for spinia bifida and down's, etc. There is no history of this in either of our families, but wanted to check anyways. I have officially gained 4 pounds! I lost 2 or 3 while I was sick and finally got back up to pre-pregnancy wt. and now +4 more :) More exciting news is that we will be finding out the sex of the baby March 16th!!! Cannot wait. We will be surprising family that night after church if everything goes as planned.

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  1. You look great!! I can't wait! :) Thanks for the update!