Saturday, April 23, 2011

22 weeks

The past few weeks have been Great! FREE of sickness and I have really enjoyed it. I am pretty sure this past week that I just woke up one day and had a belly. It felt like it all of a sudden appeared and now it is obvious that I am pregnant. I had 4 random people come up to me at work in a single night asking if I was pregnant! Since I feel like "the bump" appeared out of nowhere, it is a little weird to see myself in the mirror. I felt so unsure of myself the other day. haha. I had people basically bash me for saying that. You have to understand though... I have (obviously) never looked this way. I have been the same size for a loooong time. I know that I am not "fat" and plenty of people tell me how great I look (thanks), but it is still so weird to see myself look this way. I'm happy though and wouldn't change it for anything.

We cleaned out the nursery this weekend. It has basically been somewhat of a storage room since we moved in & Wes uses the closet in there for his coaching clothes. Those will have to stay b-c there is no room anywhere else and well, Reed doesn't need much of a closet anyways. :) I am still searching for a changing table- they are quite expensive. The one that matches our crib set costs more than the crib did! No thanks. I have found some bedding that I like and got so excited the other day as I was scanning through and found it for SALE $123!!! With my 10% off for being a new customer = $113 I immediately started clicking online in order to purchase and clicked confirm only to find out they were out of stock! Whaaaat?! disappointment. Hopefully more will come in soon. Everywhere else this bedding is at least $250, so you can understand my excitement/disappointment. I also bought some signs to start painting for Reed's room!
This was a door sign given to me by a good friend who helped me to pick out NINE hostess gifts for a shower! Not an easy task.... She was such a big help and then gave me this! How sweet and super CUTE!

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