Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spaghetti Pie !

One of my FAVORITES !!
Sounds Weird and doesn't make the best presentation, but oh so good! It does not come out in such a pretty pie piece right out of the oven.. it has to settle a bit if you are concerned with making it look pretty. It never looks pretty when I eat it because it is just too good to let settle, haha. This picture was actually taken today when I got out a piece from leftovers. A lovely co-worker introduced this recipe to me, and I came home to find it sitting right there in my BHG cookbook! There are several variations to the recipe, but I have used the same one each time I've made it. Here is the recipe from the Better Homes & Garden website:

I made some small changes.... I chose not to use cottage cheese, which I am sure tastes fine, just a personal preference. I instead used 1 cup of ricotta cheese and I mixed it with a small dollop of light sour cream so that it would spread a little easier. I also used hamburger meat over sausage since that is what I use to make my normal spaghetti. Enjoy! ;)

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